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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I emailed all of my good friends today to let them know I had started this blog. After they all stopped laughing I managed to convince them that maybe this wasn't such a terrible idea afterall. I'm sure they'll change their mind after this post...

Of my 4 closest friends, 3 of them are guys. I like to think of them as the characters from The Wizard of Oz, after the wizard bestows upon them the things they were lacking. Alfred is the (not-so) Cowardly Lion, Matt is the Tin Man (who most definitely has a heart), and Chris is the Scarecrow (though the jury's still out on whether he has a brain). Unfortunately, a 4th boy has started hanging out with the crew, which throws a kink into my little scenario. You don't mind being Toto, do you BBot?

Then there's my very best friend, the one with whom I can talk about everything, the one that will go shopping with me and actually tell me if what I'm trying on looks good or not. Every woman needs a friend like that, and I'm so lucky to have Lisa.

And I can't write about my best friends without mentioning my perfect husband, Andy. He asked that on this blog I refer to him as El Presidente. So for this post, and this post only, that will be his name.

After work today, Matt, El Presidente, Ruger, Remy, and I went hiking in a state park near our house. It's been just a gorgeous spring in Minnesota. I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that it stays this way and that we're done with snow.

Uh oh. I need to stop writing... Ruger's pawing at me for a snuggle and El Presidente is patiently waiting for the computer so he can watch the latest Soprano's DVD from Netflix. God forbid we actually get a real TV.


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous TT said...

El Presidente Rules!!


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