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Monday, April 25, 2005

Popped Ear Drums

I’ve been surrounded by babies today. Three of my co-workers brought their kids into the office, including my good friend Kelli. Kelli’s two little boys are hilarious. Dedric is 2 and at the moment his greatest accomplishment is high-pitched screaming. LOUD, high-pitched screaming. Did I mention it’s high-pitched? And loud? Even though he’s a lot of fun to chase around for awhile, and really well behaved, he’s definitely a great form of birth control. Kelli’s other boy is 3 month old Logan. And he’s absolutely adorable, but, being only 3 months, doesn’t do a whole lot yet other than keep his mom up at night. So for those of you keeping track, I didn’t want kids yesterday, was all for it this morning, was thinking “No way!” after Kelli’s visit, and am heading back towards maybe wanting them now. That’s 4 mind changes in two days! And I’m not even close to a record!

It’s another rainy day in the upper Midwest. And they’re talking snow tonight. I just KNEW it. Sounds like if we can make it past the next couple of days, though, we’ll have some sun. Everyone cross their fingers.

(Oh, and sorry for the short post today… I studied most of the evening for my upcoming accounting mid-term… A word for the wise: Independent Distance Learning classes suck. But that’s a whole other topic.)


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