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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pretending to be an Outdoors Woman

We tried out a new hiking trail with the dudes yesterday, this one at Frontenac State Park. It was a great trail, despite the 30 mph winds and 45 degree temps. Frontenac is on the northern edge of Lake Pepin, which is really just a 4 mile wide spot on the Mississippi River. The trail started on a tall bluff overlooking the lake, descended down to the water line and wandered for about 1 ½ miles, then came back up and wound its way back to the starting point. There are about 13 miles of trails in the park and I’m looking forward to exploring them. We needed a new park to play in now that we’ve done every trial in Whitewater at least once. I guess there are also some great trails in La Crosse, WI which should keep us busy at least for the rest of the summer. We’re kinda sorta training for a hike we’re taking this summer in the Grand Canyon. As I’ve told everyone I’ve come across who will stand still for longer than 5 seconds, we’re going to descend the canyon on South Kaibab trail, stay overnight at Bright Angel Campground, and ascend via the Bright Angel trial. The trip has been way fun to plan, and I’m so excited to be a pretend adventure hiker for 48 hours, despite the fact that both trails are very heavily hiked and basically paved. I just LOVE stuff like this, though. Part of me wants to quit my job, live out of my car, and work at a restaurant just long enough during the year to make enough money to hike all summer. I have these wild dreams of taking a few months off and doing the PCT. Or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (anyone want to lend me $15,000?). And I read today in National Geographic Adventure that there’s something called the Colorado Trail that you can do in week long segments, which is actually, totally do-able. As are scrambles in Banff (which is where we had planned to go this year before we found out about the family reunion in Arizona which led us to the hike in the canyon). I’ve done some fun hikes, but nothing a real hiker would even break a sweat at. Like I’ve done the Ozette loop in Olympic National Park. And the BWCA. And I’ve hiked around the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. But all of those were pretty darn easy. For example, while we were hiking in Oregon a guy in his 80’s jogged passed us on the way up. He said he runs the whole 6 miles every day. Um, yeah. So I guess we’ll have to see how this Grand Canyon thing goes before I start thinking about doing a fourteener on the Colorado Trail or taking out a loan to go to Africa. Until then, I’ll just keep reading NG Adventure and Backpacker and dreaming… I probably really only like it for the cool gear, anyway.


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