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Monday, April 18, 2005

The Prick in the Prairie

My poor brother. If I were him, I'd have some serious penis envy from living in Lincoln. Jason has been there for quite awhile and we just now managed to visit him for the first time. We had a fantastic weekend, but the best part of that town (besides the mouthwatering steaks at Lazlos) was the Nebraska State Capitol building. It's by far the tallest building for miles, and, well, a picture's worth a thousand words.

We met Jason at the Strategic Air and Space Museum about 1/2 way in between Omaha and Lincoln on Saturday morning. (It used to be called the SAC museum. What is it with Nebraskans and male genitals?) What a cool place. The first thing you see when you walk in is a suspended, real-life SR-71. It looks like it's flying right at your head. In the museum there are 2 giant hangars to explore, both filled to capacity with HUGE airplanes. They've got them packed in there so tight you have to walk underneath the plane hulls to get anywhere. It's very surreal. But the coolest part of the museum was the flight simulator, and I didn't even try it out. Jason and Andy decided to fork out the $5 each and take it for a spin. Literally. I can't accurately describe the moves they did without making wild circle motions with my arms, but by the time they had to stop because they broke the machine (yes, they broke it) they had a crowd of at least 20 people watching them and listening to their screams. They were both still nauseous 3 hours later.

After the museum we drove to downtown Lincoln, dodged the 65,000 crazy University of Nebraska fans that were there for the spring scrimmage, and had lunch at Lazlos where Jason works and where the manager kindly comped us our drinks and appetizers (thanks, Anna!). After lunch we went to Scheels so we could start outfitting Jason for our upcoming Grand Canyon hike, and then played a couple of hours of frisbee golf. I had never played before, and while we had a great time (though I SERIOUSLY sucked) I still can't lift my right arm. I cringe every time I have to shift my car. And I can hear Jason saying, "You didn't snap your wrist enough!" I should listen to him, though. He could probably stand on top of the Nebraska State Penis and toss the frisbee all the way to Colorado. (Yes, I'm obsessed with the giant penis. So sue me.)

We ended the day at Ruby Tuesday's for a late supper, and then crashed in our hotel room, Andy with his nauseous stomach, and me with my gimpy arm. The next morning we had breakfast, drove to three grocery stores to find mascarpone cheese for Mom, which we never found, and started our long drive back to Iowa to pick up the dudes. When we got there, they could barely get up enough energy to say hello. They had been swimming and running and they were absolutely exhausted. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom & Dad. Expect them at your house this weekend, too.


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