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Friday, April 15, 2005

The ramblings of a psycho dog mom

So, let's see... I've talked about my friends, I've talked about my baby urges (or lack there-of), and I'm going to save talking about my family until next week since I'm going to see them all this weekend. Which leaves one very important thing to talk about... The Dudes!!!! (If you're sick of hearing about my babies, well, you might want to skip this post.) We have 2 German Shorthaired Pointers. Ruger, who is almost 5, is the smaller of the two, weighing in at 60lbs. Remy is 3 1/2 and weights almost 85lbs. And believe it or not, their personalities are even more different than their sizes. Ruger is smart, laid back, and is very submissive. Remy is, well, the exact opposite in every way. We call Remy our spaz-nut (despite the fact that he doesn't have any). Ruger is handsome and dignified. Remy acts like a spoiled super-model, and he's got the looks to go with his attitude. Ruger's favorite things are snuggling, chasing shiny things (yes, Ruger's the smart one), and digging. Remy's favorite things are food, food, swimming, burying things, and food. They do agree sometimes, though. They both live for bird hunting. They think Uncle Matt is the best thing since sliced bread (which they both also adore). They think the soccer field behind our house is the perfect place to run around. And they L-O-V-E Grandma and Grandpa. Getting baths is a small price to pay for a chance to sit on Grandpa's chair and stare out the window, or go swimming in their river, or, best of all, go for a boat ride. If we even whisper the words "boat ride", the boys get so excited you'd swear it was raining Milkbones.

Lisa is flying to Paris with her mom on Monday, so keep them in your thoughts, everyone. I know they're going to have a fantastic time.


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