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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Random Thoughts

Why do we have eyebrows? What kind of evolutionary advantage do they really give us? I've read that they keep rain and sweat out of your eyes, but do they really? My guess: Neanderthal men liked their women hairy...

Another eyebrow thought... THANK GOD ALMIGHTY that thin waxed eyebrows are going out of style. YEOUCH!

Can anyone out there name a better animated kids movie than Disney's Robin Hood? (No, Transformers the Movie doesn't count.) I was walking back from lunch with Myrrr and Bot (more on that poop hurler later...) and all three of us knew each and every word to every song in the movie. The opening song was stuck in my head for the rest of the day, and amazingly I didn't mind at all. OoDaLaly!!

Lisa just got back from Paris and confirmed what I've been thinking since going to Vienna last year. European people are, on average, better looking than American people. Why??? Aren't most of us here in the US from European stock? Actually, we both suspect it has a lot to do with how they dress over there. So here's a hint for the guys reading this: when you're getting dressed in the morning, just think of Brad Pitt... I mean, I know you'd have to take out a large loan to dress like him, but he's so hot...

And finally, Chris blabbed to Bot about my blog (I was trying to spare the poor boy). Bot read it and suggested I needed to find another person to put into the Wizard of Oz analogy as a non-evil flying monkey. Non-evil? Seriously, now, what's the point of a non-evil flying monkey? So I replied to him that there was no such thing as a non-evil monkey and the email I got back contained the following very bad joke, for which he can't even take credit:

"How many monkeys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
3 - One to actually screw it in and two to throw feces at one another."

So by the power vested in me, I now bestow the following nickname on Bot:
Evil turd throwing monkey named Cornbread.

(He had objections to me calling him a SHIT throwing monkey. And you'll have to ask him about the whole Cornbread thing, though for a reason I can't really put my finger on it is somehow fitting.)


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