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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why I'm Always Late For Work

Lisa brought me a beautiful scarf back from Paris. I could build a whole wardrobe around the colors in it. In fact, you could say I already have as it matches almost everything in my closet. That’s how well this girl knows me. She and I always laugh about how when we first met she never wore jewelry and the clothes in her closet were pretty plain, where as I wore bright colors and never left the house without a bracelet on. It seems we’ve traded places. I now wear a grand total of 3 colors: white, brown, and black, and I have 3 pair of earrings, all silver, that I rotate through. Lisa, on the other hand, has a closet full of gorgeous clothes, and always has the perfect accessories on. She’s also a scarf tying expert.

So this morning I’m thinking about all of this as I’m attempting to put on the scarf she bought me. I know one way, and one way only, to tie a scarf: fold it in half, put it around your neck, and feed the tails through the loop. I did that with this scarf and, to my horror, it was way too long. Ack! So I tried tying it behind my neck and it looked like I should have been wearing a poodle skirt. I tied that stupid thing at least 10 other ways and hated it every time. I finally gave up and just wrapped it tightly around my neck a few times. I looked like I was trying to hide a hicky, but I decided that was good enough and went to find some brown socks.

Now, it’s a well known fact that every house has a sock-eating monster. Our particular monster prefers brown socks. I can ALWAYS find a pair of black socks. But when I need brown I’m out of luck. Like this morning, for instance. I found 5 single brown socks, all of them missing their mate. Luckily, our sock-eating monster only likes NICE brown socks, meaning that after 15 minutes of searching I was able to find the one ugly pair of brown socks I own.

Anyway, between the great scarf debacle, the finding of the socks, and a quick Ruger snuggle, it was 2 hours between the time I got up this morning and the time I walked into work. TWO HOURS! Ugh.

(Oh, and I called Lisa in the middle of the morning so we could meet up and she could show me how to tie my scarf like a grown up. Thanks, Sweetie. You’re the best.)


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