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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kelly retriving a grouse after her birthday party. Posted by Hello

Happy 17th Birthday, Grandma Kelly!  Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's Got To Be The Weather

I had the strangest dream the other night. I was trying to climb down a ladder, but it was made of a bunch of wobbly foot stools stacked on top of each other that fell apart after my first step down. Then I tried to sit on a bench that was made of slats of wood that were balanced on skinny dowels and it fell apart as I tried to sit on it. Same with a table I tried to lean on and a chair I tried to sit on. Everything around me was cobbled together and broke apart when just a tiny bit of stress was applied. Anybody care to venture an interpretation? Shouldn’t be that difficult. Then again I’m not taking it too seriously since in this same dream a bunch of deer (well, I think they were deer… but they had short legs and long, sausage-like bodies) were in a running race, complete with a start and finish line. There were 2 races. In the first race, the second place finisher was so distraught at not winning that he immediately got into the basket of a hot air balloon, raised it up into the air, then deflated it so quickly that it plunged straight down onto the ground, killing the deer (and I realized hot air balloons don’t work like that). During the second race, again the second place finisher was upset enough to commit suicide. And again, he did it with a hot air balloon. Only this time he took the easy way (which was also more plausible considering the laws of physics) and just jumped out after it was high enough. Anyway, this dream has stayed with me so I’m hoping by putting it all out here I can stop thinking about it.

Andy’s out trying to get our new motorcycle started with, from what I can tell by the noises coming out of our garage, varying degrees of success. Though the reason we bought it still doesn’t thrill me, I’m actually really excited to ride on it. My uncle who lived in the same town where I grew up had several Harleys and so I’ve been on a bike a few times. And my parents had a bike before they had Jason and I and I love the stories they’ve told about some of their longer rides. Should be fun if we can get it up and running.

The bike Posted by Hello

Our other "toy", the SSPOS Posted by Hello

The interior of the POS Posted by Hello

Big Woods State Park from a couple of weeks ago Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sense of Doom

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted, but it’s not for lack of things to write about. It’s more for lack of time. It seems like since about the middle of last week everywhere I turn something’s going wrong or I’m getting bad news. It started with Remy going after another dog last Wednesday (luckily, Remy didn’t actually hurt the other dog and Andy was able to talk the owner out of calling the cops). Then Friday a co-worker who has kind of started to become a friend got sick and ended up in the hospital. And Lisa emailed to let me know that a co-worker of hers had a tragedy in their family. Saturday, a buddy of Matt’s had to go to the hospital. Then today I almost got in a car accident and the power on our floor at work went out and killed all of our computers for an hour or so. So while nothing REALLY bad has happened to me personally, it’s just kind of all building up and I keep waiting for the next thing to happen. Andy’s mowing the lawn right now and I’m praying he doesn’t mow his toe off or something. And all of you reading this please, please be careful.

I’ll write more tomorrow, but right now I have to go figure out if I’ve got pink eye or just a sty. Yet another thing to add to my strange day.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Typical Night at the Green Residence

At this very moment, Andy is standing out in the kitchen getting a crock pot roast ready for tomorrow. He’s adding in frozen Brussels sprouts and singing,
“Brussel sprouts in the sky,
I can go twice as high.
Take a look,
It’s in a book,
A Reading Rainbow.”

Monday, May 02, 2005

Hey Jude

Did you know that if you google “jamiroquai stevie wonder maroon 5” you get 49,400 hits? In fact, Andy and I spent a good hour tonight trying to figure out if Jamiroquai and the lead singer for Maroon 5 are actually the same guy (as it’s pretty obvious neither one of them are Stevie Wonder). We also watched 3 Backstreet Boys videos and came to the conclusion that they actually can sing, though their choice of songs is pretty poor. But they definitely can’t sing as well as N’Sync. One listen to N’Sync’s a cappella tribute to The Beegees and you’ll be as convinced as we are that despite the whole boy band thing they really are very talented. Yes, I realized how stupid that sounds.

I’m currently (and by currently I mean “for the last 10 years”) on a Dave Matthews Band kick. I’ve never had one band give me more goosebump moments than DMB. I still can’t listen to Bartender, Say Goodbye, or Crash without stopping everything I’m doing and just concentrating on the music. I can’t really figure out why they speak to me like that, though. Yes, the drummer, Carter Beauford, ranks right up there with the drummers from Tool and Rush, and Dave can play a mean guitar, but individually they really aren’t all that great. (Amazingly, there are actually “Top 10 Drummers of All Time” lists out there without Neal Peart on them… Are these people deaf???) Their songs, though, are both familiar and surprising all at the same time. And each song has so many layers to it. You could listen to one of their songs 20 times and hear something new every time. Their lyrics are always great, too. I’ve joked that you could easily make a musical out of their songs. You know, kind of like the Abba or Billy Joel musicals. Only when I imagine a DMB musical, I’m always the female lead and I always get to make out with the male lead, who rotates between Dave himself and, more recently, Matthew McConaughey. Have you seen him in Sahara? Oy, oy, oy. There’s a little sumpin for everyone in that there movie…

So, I was on my way to work this morning when the song “Hey Jude” came on the radio. It instantly brought me back to Paul McCartney’s fabulous performance of that song during the half-time show of last season’s super bowl. It was such an awesome feeling when I started singing along to the “Nah nah nah” part and it dawned on me that at that moment I was probably singing with millions of people all over the world. For those few seconds all of us were connected by that melody. That’s one of the reasons why I love music so much.