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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Catching Up

First of all, I'd just like to say thank you to the dream gods for blessing me with dreams of making out with Orlando Bloom all night last night...

And now that that's out of the way...

Here’s what’s happened since I got my pointless case of writer’s block:

- I devoured the new Harry Potter book and then spent 2 weeks waiting for someone… anyone… to finish it so I could discuss it with them. Then I read it again.

- We went sailing in the Apostle Islands with Turd Money, and Turd Monkey’s uncle. (Ha ha! Get it? He’s a Monkey’s Uncle!) What a great time. I swear I need to be careful or El Presidente will leave me for a sailboat. Anyway, I'll try and post pics in the next couple of days.

- Lisa and I went on our yearly girls-only camping trip up north, though we did bend the rules this year and took Ruger to protect us from the meany-head bears. I’m not sure he would have done us any good, but he sure did have a good time swimming in the big lake.

- We went to a wedding in Stillwater and a wedding reception in Algona, IA. Both were hugely fun and we were able to catch up with some old friends we haven’t seen in ages.

- Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf coasts of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. There was unprecedented damage in New Orleans. It’s devastatingly sad on many levels, but on a purely selfish note, it upsets me that one of the places that was on my list of things to see is now basically unrecognizable. And now that I read that I realize how horrible that sounds since many thousands of people down there are still homeless, and no one yet knows what the total death count will be. I think thoughts like that are self-defense mechanisms. I spent a couple of weeks near the point of being physically sick every time I thought about what I would do if faced with the decision to leave everything behind, including my boys, in order to save myself. I finally just had to turn those feelings off completely and give money (what else can we do?) every time we had the chance.

- Lisa and I started our MBA program. Our first class is accounting, which is basically review as we just finished NINE FREAKING MONTHS OF ACCOUNTING!!! Actually, though, I’m glad it’s review. It’s a great way of getting back into the swing of going to class. It helps that my professor is very similar to Andy in both looks and mannerisms. I feel like I’ve known him for years, though it’s kind of hard not to pat him on his ass every time he passes me in class… Oh, wait… I didn’t just type that, did I?


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At 5:40 AM, Blogger AndiChantal said...

I finished Harry Potter 6 last week too! I started reading them (like from #1) at the end of August, and finished the last one last week. I know where the Horcruxes are (I think...) Why do we have to wait 2 more years for the next one?


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