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Monday, October 10, 2005

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What a weekend! Our old fence came down and the new one went up almost without a hitch, and I give all the credit to El Presidente. I was so proud of him that instead of actually helping, I took a million pictures and posted them all on this site (I know, I’m such a good wife…).

Friday after work, we gave the old fence a good push and down it came. The wood poles were so rotten that they just shattered with any amount of pressure. Then we sawed it up into manageable pieces and piled it all up on our driveway to be hauled out at a later time (though knowing us, Andy will have to snow-blow around the pile all winter because we never got around to taking it to the dump). Saturday morning we got up early (by we, I mean Andy and the dogs) to get a good start. But one look at the 3 feet of frost on the ground stopped us in our tracks. When there was STILL some frost at 10, we decided to bite the bullet and get out there anyway (by this time I was actually out of bed). The goal for the day was to get all of the old concrete out of the ground, then concrete in the new terminal posts. We had a wedding to go to at 3:00, so the clock was ticking. Luckily, only one or two of the old posts proved to be tough to extract, and we were done for the day with time to spare.

Then we went to the wedding… And I have to censor myself here because this post is going in a public place, so I’ll just say a couple of things. First, and most importantly, I have rarely met such a nice group of (Mullets!!) people. They all had (Southern accents in Minnesota!!) such friendly smiles on their faces and (Wore jeans to church!) would give you the (Western!) shirts off their backs. We met up with some people Andy knows whom we got along with smashingly, so the evening was much more fun than I had anticipated since, as I had rightly guessed, I didn’t know a single soul there other than my husband.

But the mullets… Did I mention the mullets? And I can write about them because the people who wore them, especially the groom, should be quite proud. They were, all around, some of the best mullets I’d ever seen. I was in utter awe. The mullitude was off the scale.

Sunday Andy finished putting up the fence while I wrote my accounting paper, which is due today. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh? At least I’m not writing it this morning.) I helped a little bit with the unruly chain-link, but Andy did the rest alone. And it looks outstanding, if I do say so myself.

I’m home from work this morning… Andy has to go out of town for work (AGAIN!) today and since I have class and can’t lock the boys up all day and night I need to be here so they can run around a bit. I’m definitely enjoying my nice, quiet morning, though. It’s about the only quiet time I’ll have this week. It’s going to be a crazy one…


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Your polite description of the wedding... so funny. :)

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